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Relationships should be based on commitment, sound communication, romance, intimacy and  honesty. 

It should come from the depth of your heart to love unconditionally, communicate even when the sparks are off and fight when you feel threatened to show how much you value your partner.

Sadly, love is mostly one sided, more like your partner is not putting the same level of energy as you, this can be really painful.

According to research, scientists made us understand that an heart break is equivalent to physical pain.

The way you cringe and groan to a sore affecting any part of your body is the exact way an heart break hits you, sending different jolts into your body.

To be honest with you i know how that feels, not getting enough sleep at night because you are suspecting your partner is cheating or getting stood up for hours when you know deeply he or she is avoiding you.

Getting pregnant and not knowing how to tell him because he never talks about the future with you, watching her entertain…