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I must admit, finding a partner or accepting a proposal can be tiring and frustrating at times.

You find various people with personalities that do not match up to what you are looking for, while some are actually a little alike with you but there is just something about them that puts you off.

At a point, I got tired of being in a relationship because it did not bring up good memories, there was always distance, temperament issues, trust issues, conversations that shouldn't be taken lightly. No communication, no intimacy.

Sometimes, I wonder how some people are and how they think because when u start dating, let's say at the appropriate age that you can distinguish from  left to right, you will meet different people and have to choose the one that suites your heart.

That is not the issue at all, there would be men or women wanting to be in relationships with you, that is very easy, the problem there is sadly, everyone has a motive for doing one thing or the other.

If I wear a…


Disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship.

Even siblings disagree, it is very normal, because at a point, differences and objectives will set in.

Most times the argument could be about irrelevant things. You could prefer eating out and she prefers cooking.

Issues concerning where to eat would be the normal order in that relationship.

It could be on how money is spent thriftily or excessively due to the income coming in.
It could also be about religion, basically it could be about anything.

There are a few things you can do to reduce disagreements and help work out your differences.

I will only be talking ABOUT 7 and hopefully if you adapt to them it would help.

A relationship that is constantly in conflict definitely can never afford growth opportunities.

This could be clearly seen as an obvious lack of compatibility.

Having a partner that picks a quarrel with almost everything you do, or never sees things your way, or is always compromising his or her viewpoint is not …


The certainty of procreation starts looming in our minds as we mature.

The thought of giving birth, grooming that child, teaching them what we know about life begins to set in and most people shy away from it or look for an escape route because, they do not feel ready to sacrifice their time while some do not just feel ready.

What people fail to realize about life is that, nothing prepares you for what the future brings, you just have to be ready, because it will catch you off guard, especially when you least expect it.

I had a friend that got pregnant out of wedlock, she called and explained the unexplainable to me, at that time I just wanted to know her decision, if she wanted to keep it or not.

Because she was unemployed and she was still in college.

And she said to me "Temi, I do not want to do anything to this baby, I'm keeping it".

I was stunned because I know the trials she would pass through would not be an easy one, then I asked why and she simply said because,…