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The word "Love" has really been taken for granted, most people do not mean it when they say it, they just recite it like a non-existent pledge. This is very abysmal. To love is to sacrifice, care, respect.

If you claim to be "in love" with a person, you have to be selfless towards them, you have to be ready to make him or her your priority not an option.

You cannot tell me you love me and I should be the only one sending gifts cards, no mutual benefit, all you do is collect and demand.

You cannot tell me you care about me and I am the only one trying to make the relationship work by calling, texting, checking on you.  I am the only one "doing" and you are the only one "receiving" no benefits whatsoever.

You see, I believe most people do not interpret the "act of love" well in their relationship. Because it takes action for you to prove the worth of a person to you. You have to "do" something.

Love is patient, Love is kind but the kind of love we receive these days is not interpreted selflessly. Nobody is willing to sacrifice.

You see someone that claims to love you cheating on you repeatedly with no remorse and this person claims to be "in love with you". I am sorry but not sorry to say this, Love is expensive, not everyone can afford it.

Love seems to be linked to money, affluence, riches, wealth, properties and the likes.  It comes with a price tag too.

Young women are getting married to older men by their parents because of money, and the painful part is that you are expected to "fall in love" with him as time goes.  Not knowing the kind of man he is, not knowing if his flaws are greater than his money. Not knowing how it would feel to be with him for even an hour or more, not knowing if you and him have things in common.

But then if you do not live with someone under the same roof, you cannot know them.

A friend of mine got caught in the same unfortunate web, not only did her parents force her to marry this man, the man had a very bad addiction.

He was bisexual, For a girl in her twenties, she was not exposed, so she had to watch her husband violate her body in all sort of perverse ways, He would bring men and women of perverse sexual fantasies to their home, call her on the phone to dress sexy, which she had to obey because of her parents. she was the first daughter and she had huge responsibilities so she had to succumb.

He would tell them to touch her in various ways that was not proper and sometimes it got much worse for her to handle.

After going through series of abortion because the pregnancy was obviously not for her husband, she could not take it again and she stood her ground and refused to be an instrument of destruction to humanity.

This man not likely able to handle being told "NO" beat her mercilessly and she bled and cried, muttering curses to her parents for her misfortune, to cut the long story short, this man died of HIV and my friend was not left out.

So much for an expensive marriage.

Some ladies make their relationship a business center.

Once they agree to your proposal, you have to buy, pay, give, spend, irrespective of how you make your money, they do not want to know because the relationship will be constantly tested and thrown in a competition where by if you do not give in to their demands, they would leave you to someone else or even a close friend of yours that is richer because the universe smiled at him in numerous ways.

I personally, had a friend that loved to ask for money from her suitors, gradually this men grew weary of her and left one by one, by the time she was ready to settle down, it was too late. Everyone was avoiding her and they called her names, some called her a " gold digger " to her face. She lost her value and she had to settle for someone lesser. She had no choice, time does not wait for anyone.

What some people fail to know is that Money is.a spirit. It comes and goes. It could leave a rich man for a poor leper and vice versa. So my question to you reading this article is "if you have chosen a partner simply because of money and one day the person goes bankrupt, leaving you nothing, what will you do? "

Let us not confuse Love with Money or affluence. If you already love the person even before you saw the mark of wealth on them, it will compliment and make that relationship beautiful because the both of you will work hand in hand, with a mutual belief and trust in each other.

So parents, please stop selling your children. The person you are looking down on today, might not be a total failure, I understand, that from your own perspective you want what's best for your children, but be careful not all that glitters is gold. I need to mention this as blunt as it may look, if you know that you can not take care of your children, you can not provide the proper things for them, then do not have children.

Ladies, when you see a good man that loves and appreciates you with a good job, it might not be that great but as far as he is doing something tangible, DO NOT let him go. Good men are hard to find, if you are lucky enough to be with one, do not send them away by frustrating them.

The rich man you are thinking of ditching him for might not love or care for you the way you need to be adored. Stop Indirectly pushing yourself away from good things. Do not be myopic. These men and women you are looking down on are human beings too, they have feelings.

Issues like this makes them in desperate need of money that they do not care about indulging in nefarious acts like scamming people for money, kidnapping, stealing and armed robbery to make you feel secure, since they feel the "Money" will make you stick with them. Do not make a monster out of anybody.

If you want to be with someone, be with them because you want to, not because of what you stand to gain, most definitely, no one would want to be with a loser but be with a king because you want to build his empire with him not because you want to be regarded as a " Queen".

Money is sweet, money will take you to places and give you the best connections you want but would you rather be rich than be happy. Money cannot buy you peace of mind or true love. Do not turn yourself into a puppet because of material things.

You are more than what you think you are and being regarded as a "cheap" person is not close to your amazing personality.

Or will you prefer to marry a rich woman with no manners or regards for you as a man, always reminding you of how she takes care of you and your family members and when you protest, she threatens to slap you or actually throws you out for weeks, back to square one.

Stop making people too important or significant in your life. Because if you believe you can make yourself rich and happy, you can do it.

You are strong. Just believe in yourself, live and love.

Love might be expensive for some people but define yours and make it beautiful.

Be a role model.


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