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Pressure, can be described in different forms but in this context, it is seen as botheration, fuss, worriment, aggravation, annoyance, pest, perplexity, difficulty, drag, molestation, exasperation.

To be pressurized is to be frustrated, to be aggravated, in a lame man's language it's to be disturbed against your own will.

 The direct opposite of it is to be at peace.

This kind of pressure has led many people to be self destruct and it has made them make wrong and odd choices because they were cajoled or forced to do them.

When "Marriage", comes to mind, patience is the right word for it but the urge to get into it before preparing for it will always have calamity as the end game.

In this article, I'll be describing the different form of pressure that makes people marry wrongly.

4 vices of pressure that makes people marry the wrong person

1. Family pressure:-
This has always been the main reason why people make the wrong choices either about their marital life, ed…