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Having so much experiences about men,
starting from my father, shows that not all Men are emotionally mature, calling them a "Man", is just a title.

Because some men do not know how to own up to their responsibilities.

While some are basic misogynists, they are always trying to prove a point about the female gender.

Forgetting that the person that gave birth to them, nursed them and raised them is their mother, a "woman".

You are fully aware of your actions, you walk up to a lady on the pretence that you love her because of your freaky fantasies, have your way with her and get her pregnant.

You now put all the blame on the lady, some will even deny the pregnancy.

While some will accept it but make sure they frustrate the living light out of that woman, turning her into an empty basket with big holes.

My question is why couldn't you use protection, when you had the chance?, why put a woman in the family way, when you are not emotionally mature to handle life?.

Some Men too, falls into the category of not paying the children's school fees, not paying the house rent not even leaving a dime at home to cater for the family.

Yet, you call yourself the "head of the family".

 As you read this article if you fall into this category ask yourself "what are the things that qualifies you to be a Man? "

To be responsible means you have to deal with issues properly, you have to be accountable for the decisions you have  made.

You have to sacrifice some things and handle your life with dexterity, it also means to be independent.

To be able to stand up and defend your actions which automatically makes you a Man.

So you cannot be living with your parents  and still impregnate a woman, how would you deal with that?, you are not even mature enough to decide what you really want for yourself.

You cannot be stingy and think marriage is for you, that trait will not make you responsible to the family you are making.

You cannot be violent and aggressive, with the mindset that if you get married your mood will change, you have to fight it, control your anger, be a man, stand up against your own demons and fight so you can be responsible to the children that look up to you as their father.

It is so sad to think that so many people do not say good things about their Father, sincerely.

Let us drop the formalities and be very sincere with ourselves, will you want to be exactly like your father when you grow up?, If yes, you are lucky, and if no, you have to work towards being a better man than he is or was.

Be responsible, once you walk her down the aisle and say "I do", it comes with a certain responsibility that you will be her father, mother, brother, everything, because you are already the Man of the house.

 If you know deep down inside you that you do not plan to love her or take her down the aisle, do not endeavor to climb that bridge.

 No matter how much fun it could be, one day you will fall down and attend to injuries you did not account for.

It is not easy, I know, I understand but accepting responsibilities will make you appreciated and recognized.

 In fact, blessings will come your way, because the universe is happy and proud of you.

As you dig deeper into this article, I want you to sit down and think real deep.

Get a pen and paper and write down the things that does not make you responsible and ways you can caution yourself into being a better man.

 Are you not tired of everyone complaining about you? I need you to think about your life.

Time is ticking and it waits for nobody.

Being a man makes you the provider, the protector, not just to your wife, it extends to your children and your grand children and it goes on like that. What legacy do you want to leave for them?

Be a good example, let people see you as a role model.

We have responsible Men, hard working Men, Men that would do anything for their family.

Men that can account for their actions, Men that do not run away from the problems they indirectly created and they are loved and acknowledged by people because "A good Man, is hard to find".

If you belong to that category, people will call you "unique".

You are a "warrior".

Be responsible for your actions, it should never be one sided.

If you are finding it difficult to do things or adapt to a great change that makes you feel like a prisoner.

I want you to know that you are not alone, so many people are fighting the same battles as you are or even more.

First of all, be in charge of your life, be responsible, pray, work towards achieving your goals and try your possible best to make your family and everyone around you happy.

You can do it.


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