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Having so much experiences about men,
starting from my father, shows that not all Men are emotionally mature, calling them a "Man", is just a title.

Because some men do not know how to own up to their responsibilities.

While some are basic misogynists, they are always trying to prove a point about the female gender.

Forgetting that the person that gave birth to them, nursed them and raised them is their mother, a "woman".

You are fully aware of your actions, you walk up to a lady on the pretence that you love her because of your freaky fantasies, have your way with her and get her pregnant.

You now put all the blame on the lady, some will even deny the pregnancy.

While some will accept it but make sure they frustrate the living light out of that woman, turning her into an empty basket with big holes.

My question is why couldn't you use protection, when you had the chance?, why put a woman in the family way, when you are not emotionally mature to handle life?.


There is this deep connection you share with your lover, that is beyond the physical, which explains why you do some things that you have never done for anyone before for them.

A kiss might just be a lip to lip communication of saying, I love you or I adore you or I want you so much or I cannot do without you.

But you can still kiss a person without having genuine feelings towards that person. Remember Judas.

So,  this article is about the kiss of a lover, the types and what each of them mean indirectly.

Without further ado I am going to give you,

Seven different kisses and what they mean.

1. Kiss on the forehead:- Love has no bounds, love is patient. A kiss on the forehead means "I adore you".

It could also be a friendly kiss saying " I appreciate your efforts, thanks for being there".

The purpose of this article is to explain what any type of kiss means and who you should make important in your life, if that person kisses you in a certain way, you know the person …