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Is it when you live with him?  Or when you're apart from him, what makes you linger on to them no matter the condition?
What makes you endure, and be tolerant with them?.What drives you in that relationship? That's who you really are.

If you sacrifice a lot for that relationship then you are a nice person., if you forgive a lot then you have a soul, if you cry a lot then you're vulnerable.  It'll allow you understand your personality more, so when accused of it you smile to yourself and say "you don't know me".

That is your love niche, enlightening you psychologically about your good, sane part.

Psychologists say distance makes the heart fonder,  is it this same "distance" that made you linger on to your lover.

Is it when you share things together, or have a tight intimacy, where you and your lover are hardly apart, to see, text and call each other that means keeping contact is your love niche.

Find that out now today, know your love niche explain to your partner, to be understood more and never taken for granted.

Is it the gifts he gets you, the jewelries,fendi and the adidas, that makes you feel noticed and very attractive. That's your love niche

I urge to indulge yourselves and find out what you really are, discover a part of you
that you're afraid to admit.

Remember, love is a beautiful thing.


  1. This is what I call being proactive you are indeed doing a great job


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