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Love is a beautiful thing, a feeling beyond the ordinary, an intense feeling of deep affection.

It can also be seen as an action or series of actions we take to bring us closer to the people we value.

Love includes feeling for the other and it goes beyond any selfishness or self interest.

Love never involves deception, because misleading another person, fractures his or her reality.

Love has a language, can you speak it?. What makes you feel most appreciated?, is it receiving gifts?, spending quality time with your partner, is it going on dates with your partner, is it when your partner flaunts you amongst his friends and family, is it when your partner appreciates you verbally?.

Whatever makes you feel respected and appreciated is your love language. It's what makes you feel loved, it could even be your hope, believe that puts you on guard, to remind you that you are not worthless.

The five languages I'm going to discuss on this platform will help you understand yourself more and know your love language, and also that of your partner.

5 languages of love

1. Words of appreciation:-

This language uses words to appreciate the other.

" I really appreciate your washing the dishes, the kitchen smells nice", "thanks for taking out the garbage, you are the best", " you look so nice in that outfit, I love the fact that you are so stylish", " I admire the way you helped your dad, your smile is contagious", "Did you see the way everyone smiled when you came into the room?".

All of these words are words of appreciation, your words should be focused on your partner's personality or something they have done for you or others.

To speak this language, look for the things you admire or appreciate and express it verbally.

2. Helping:- 

For these people, action speaks louder than words, so if you even say "I love you" they will reply you with "well if you love me, why don't you help me around the house?".

If helping is their love language then washing the car, helping with house chores, fixing broken utensils, is precisely what makes them feel loved.

The key to loving this person is to find out what things they would like for you to do. Do them consistently.

3. Receiving gifts:- 

For some people, what makes them feel loved the most is to receive a gift.

The gift communicates "He was thinking about me, look what he got for me".

The best gift are those that you know will be appreciated. To get her a makeup kit when she doesn't like making up will probably not communicate your love very well.

How do u find out what the other person would like to receive? You ask questions and make observations.

Observe the comments they make when they receive gifts from friends or family members.

4. Quality time:-

Quality time is giving your partner your undivided attention.

 It is not sitting in the same room watching the television. Someone else has your attention.

It's being in the same room with the TV off, your phone in your pocket or bag, looking at each other, talking and listening.

 It could also be taking a walk together so long as your purpose is to be with each other, not simply to get exercise.

Couples who go to a restaurant without talking to each other have not spoken the language of quality time, they have simply met their physical need for food.

Quality time says " I'm doing this because I want to be with you".

For some people, spending quality time with them makes them feel loved.

5. Physical touch:-

We have long known the emotional power of physical touch.

Research indicates that babies who are touched and cuddled fare better emotionally than babies who spend long periods of time without physical touch.

Appropriate touch is loving, Inappropriate touch is demeaning, to those, whose love language is physical touch, nothing speaks deeply than an appropriate touch.

I'm sure as you are reading this article you already know your love language and that of your partner, why not try it today and make him or her feel loved, appreciated and respected.


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