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Getting married is a very important event in everyone's life. Well, maybe not everyone; but almost everyone has had a dream of life beyond singleness. 

For many of these people, men especially, it becomes quite complicated when they sit to think about their finances and how their relationship would be affected, after finally walking down the isle with the love of their lives.

If you have found yourself in this kind of troubling psychological situation, fret not; there's a whole world of other people out there that you currently have an edge over, just by reading this article.

Have this in mind, not planning for how money is going to be spent or saved will leave you bankrupt and poor.

 How to avoid money issues with your partner before marriage is very essential, if you're not thinking about this then you're not ready for marriage.

 I personally know how it worked for my parents. These simple plan of money management has helped thousand of couples to avoid financial warfare.

These are the three ways to follow on dealing with your financial issues with your partner before marriage

1. Our money "building unity":- 

The first foundation stone in developing a financial plan is to agree that after marriage it will no longer be "my money" or "your money"; it will be "our money". At the heart of marriage, is a desire for unity.

 The implication is that we will share our income and work as a team in deciding what to do with our money. This also means his or her debt will be "our debt" and we have responsibility to develop a plan to repay the debt.

This also means "your savings" is "our savings". If you are not ready for this kind of unity, then you are not ready for marriage.

2. Saving, Sharing, Spending:- 

The 2nd step in developing a financial plan is to agree on a percentage of income that you will save, give away and spend.

 The first purpose of saving is to have emergency funds. The 2nd purpose is to pay off a debt any of you may have.

The most common mistake young couples make is purchasing a house beyond their income. The process of negotiation and agreement will save you from struggling with this issue after marriage.

Another practical idea that can help is having an agreement that neither of you will make a purchase without consulting the other.

3. Who keeps the books:- 

The final suggestion is to decide before marriage who will "keep the books" is the one who pays the monthly bills and keeps tabs on the account online.

This is the person who seeks to keep the two of you on track with the spending plan upon which you have agreed; such decisions are to be made as a team.

Remember you are team members, and both team members must be fully aware of their financial details.

 It is my desire that the ideas I have shared on this platform will help the two of you.

 Discuss and find agreement on the financial plan you will follow once you're married.


  1. Amazing write-up👏👏

  2. First of all, congrats on your page. Awesome write-up.

    Ehhhm, in this modern day society, where marriages are built on contracts and stuff like that, I do not think that the idea of our money should arise, rather, there should be a joint account where some quota of the teams salaries will be deposited. It could serves as the purse of deliverance in the days of emergency.
    Also, following recent trends in the world, marriages have been known to crash and some spouse get maltreated and even denied of the so-called "our money". For me, I think that each of the team member should have some money to themselves. I also think that bills could be splited and catered for, instead of the one account thing, so as to avoid stories that touch the heart when fall-outs become the order of the day.

    1. Thanks so much dear, and I understand your point but to an extent. Marriage is a union. 'Our money' should be our money to avoid selfish sentiments and unnecessary use of words. Seeing each other as team members in every way is essential even in parenting not just finances, and thinking less of the marriage shows that the future is blurry then the couple shouldn't have gotten married if joining accounts will be an issue, Especially when the children are coming to avoid conversations like"i make my money you can't tell me what to do " and "I make money all day what do you do?" seeing each other as team mates goes way beyond their ego or personal tantrums. So this is for people that are willing to be with someone and they're ready to be team mates and selfless

    2. Hi Viviella and my girl, Temmy.

      Thing is... If you are going into marriage with the idea of it being a contract, or accommodating the thoughts of possible break-up, then PLEASE don't marry! It is toxic! The fact that it's a trend doesn't make it right or desirable. Popularity isn't the basis for validity!
      God help us!🙏🙏 To marry no be beans!😁😁

    3. That's it dear... That's the plain truth

  3. We are humans, we don't get to foreshadow things or events. We can only plan well to avert issues in the nearest future.

    1. True. But we should always have a positive insight about us.

    2. Exactly why we should always be positive and determined about everything.

  4. As much as I agree with you on this, I also have to add that humans are quite complicated. There's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to marriage and homemaking, what works for one couple might be a disaster for another.

    1. Exactly. But we should all pray for our "soul mate". Someone that completes us beyond.

  5. Astonishing totally bombarded, keep it up


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