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Women are beautiful creatures. They should be treated with respect and love.

They shouldn't be an emotional handbag, to drop or take. It's so frustrating to love someone that takes you for granted repeatedly, without being remorseful.

You do not have to be aggressive before a woman feels hurt, you do not have to be violent before she knows that you do not see through her.

Most times,  Men don't know how to properly take care of their women. They feel money, affluence, wealth is the love language of every woman.

 The needs they tend to, the hair, the shopping, the countries they visit, none can be compared to the love of a man.

Always spend quality time with your woman.

Take note of her feelings, make her understand you.

I am going to discuss on the five ways to know she is over you. if she acts accordingly, then you have lost her.

 Her mind is somewhere else not necessarily with someone else but somewhere far from where you are.

5 ways to know she is over you.

1. Communication :-

Being incommunicado is a sign that she is over you.

Once She stops communicating. She stops protesting.

She's no longer interested in anything that involves the both of you, despite you being around her, she feels lonely.

You call her and complain say " babe I'm home, do you want to come over ", and she's silent at first, that means she's hesitating, now someone deeply into you, will never hesitate to give you a reply.

So if she has stopped calling you, stopped texting you, stopped doing things that will bond you guys, there are chances that she's over you.

2. She deletes your pictures on her phone or anyone you took together :-

Pictures brings back memories shared together with a loved one, just staring at a picture sometimes says a thousand words that can't be explained.

If she has gotten to this stage, she does not care if you find out.

She does not see you in the future and she does not want any memories of you.

She is really hurt, this stage is a very crucial one, because she is vulnerable to any guy available to give her peace.

To be honest with you she is fed up already, she might not be taking actions yet but if you find out that she has deleted all your pictures on her phone, she has left you already I'm her heart.

A woman's heart is very fragile, it's not too late to apologize and make up.

3. She's always busy:-

No one can be too busy for their lover.

Once she stops coming around there is a probability that she does not want to see you.

And she does not want to include you in her priorities.

First things first, you are no longer important to her.

 She will always be busy till you understand the indirect message she's sending to you which is "she is not interested in anything you have to offer again".

She might not out rightly spell it out. Action speaks louder than words.

4. She's no longer jealous :-

I did a lot of research on this topic before I wrote this article.

 There is no greater detective like your woman, if she does not bother to check your phones again or she stops being over protective and she appears to be suddenly cool with all your female friends believe me no woman can be cool with all your friends.

In fact they would not want you to have too much female friends coming around almost everyday.

If she stops protecting her territory, someone else is getting that attention, she is way over you.

For a woman like me, once I stop bothering about who gets more of your attention or who you would rather be with on a cold day, forget it. I do not care again.

5. She's already moved on :-

In every relationship after a break up one moves on why the other stays alone for a while.

 It is very possible she is always around you but she is still seeing someone else.

 Worst case scenario it could be someone you know but because you probably did not pay attention to her needs, you lost her to that person.

 That explains the late night calls, the sudden careless attitude, the neglect, the way she acts when you touch her, the reason why she has stopped doing things together with you, the reason she does not return your calls again or bother to check up on you like she used to.

Another man's food is another man's poison.

What you failed to do, another person will do, even more than you can think of.

 I do not know what is going on in your relationship but women get frustrated and tired easily, especially confident women or a working class woman, that has so many options and opportunities but still choose to be with you.

Do not take your woman for granted.

I really hate it when men feel "oh when she goes broke she will come back to me", for real money is not everything.

Believe, she might actually come back, but not for you, but the "money", get enough and leave you again.

Never base your relationship on material things, sex or anything you can get from anybody.

Because you can never find the true love and support of a woman from every woman.

Go and fix it!

Remember,  the real ones never come back.


  1. Very insightful Temmi.
    You highlighted EVERY possible reason here girl. When we start hesitating before we agree to a date or whatever hangout planned, something is definitely up. Great read!


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