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In western culture, marriage is typically preceded by a period of dating.

In the broadest sense, a date is an appointment between a male and a female who agrees to spend a segment of time together for the purpose of getting better acquainted.

Committed dating is much more serious than casual dating.

A casual dating is normally perceived as an exclusive relationship, if one of them chooses to date someone else, the one who is betrayed will experience a great pain.

No one wants to feel replaced. And the ensuing conversation will lead to either a breakup or a genuine commitment to one another.

It is this committed stage I want to discuss without further ado.

A healthy dating relationship is the best preparation for a healthy marriage.

I am not suggesting that all such dating would end up marrying each other.

I am suggesting that a healthy dating relationship will enable them to answer the question "To marry or not to marry" more wisely.

I am going to discuss about five healthy relationship tips, if you are confused about your partner or you do not know how to come about being committed to someone, fret not, this article is for you.

Five tips for a healthy relationship 

1. Getting to know each other:-

This is really what serious dating is all about.

The human psyche is a combination of hereditary and environment, what you see outside is not necessarily what you will discover on the inside.

This process of discovery requires a "high level of honesty" on the part of both individuals. 

2. Be willing to share your history:-

Each individual has a unique history. That history brought you to where you are today.

We cannot know each other without sharing our histories. This means we will be willing to share our failures as well as our successes .

Building a relationship upon deception or hidden truth will sabotage that relationship.

By nature, we are quick to share our successes, for they make us look good.

We more hesitant to share our failures because even we, are hurt by the memories.

Yet, healthy dating relationships are built upon truth.

There are two ways in which honesty is often extremely difficult. One is sharing our sexual history and the other is sharing our financial history.

The truth of the matter is we must not avoid this aspect of sharing.

However, I strongly urge couples in a serious dating relationship to reveal these areas of their lives.

3. Be able to know one anothers family dynamics:-

How do her parents  relate to each other? And what about his parents? How do they relate? And what kind of relationship does he have with his parents? Are parents divorced in either family?. 

You should make great effort to spend time with the family of your dating partner. 

If you eventually get married, they will be part of your life for a very long time. 

4. Foster the educational and vocational goals of the other:-

After all, our education and vocation are a huge part of life.

The young man who says, "why don't you drop out of college and marry me? I'm going to have a career in the military and you don't need a college degree". Is not the kind of young man ready for marriage, this attitude reveals it's own self centeredness.

Believe it or not my partner was the one that told me to start a blog, when he noticed I loved writing articles. 

In a mature relationship, we are encouraging each other and helping each other in the pursuit of educational and vocational goals. 

5. Have a balanced relationship:-

A healthy relationship will also be a balanced relationship. 

In an effort to identify the various aspects of our humanity we often use such words as intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. 

These five can never be isolated because they are intertwined. 

It is healthy to focus on them in your relationship. 

The intellectual has to do with your thoughts, our desires and perceptions of life. 

We often speak of intellectual capability, the question is if our political ideas crash, how do we process our differences?. 

Learning how to disagree and not to be disagreeable is one of the evidences of intellectual compatibility. 

If a man who seldom reads a book is dating a woman who is a voracious reader, the question is how do they have the foundation for intellectual compatibility. 

Intellectually, are you close enough to hold hands?.

Do your conversations about intellectual matters stimulate growth or condemnation?. 

The emotional aspect has to do with our unsolicited emotional responses to the events we encounter in life. 

Some people may observe someone crying and be extremely uncomfortable.

Our feelings are not something we choose, they come as a part of life. 

Learn to share this emotions and understand where you are coming from. 

The process of emotion is a part of growing a healthy dating relationship. 

Balancing the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspects of life is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship. 


  1. Good to know these things they help a lot in the long run.

  2. Very helpful article, really broadens our perspective on the different aspects of a relationship with additional understanding.

  3. Fabulous write up. You're doing a great job, just keep it up. I love your courage


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