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Sometimes we look and wonder if you we can get people to do things by just staring at them, by snapping our fingers, blinking our eye lids. If you have seen the Avenger's Infinity War, Thanos should come to mind. However, we won't be discussing super villains going on a power rampage today.

Rather, we will be focusing on how you could effectively carry out the art of seduction. Practice makes perfect, they say. 

Manipulations work, strategies work too; but to achieve an effective relationship with friends, business partners, family, you have to be a master of this craft.

Without wasting time on the formalities, why not join me as I walk you through the seven powerful rules to follow in the art of seduction.

7 Important Rules to Follow In The Art of Seduction

1. Find the right person:- 

Opt in for lonely, melancholy, anti socials, introverts, people that don't have much on their schedule. This is the first rule. Lonely people are the victims in this stage they are often vulnerable and it's easy to make them do things. 

They tend to crave for what they are missing. They need bright people around them. Know that the pessimist and optimists are always attracted together. The optimist sees a glass as half full, the pessimist sees a glass as half empty.

So finding the right person is very important because with the wrong person you can not achieve "the art of seduction". Workaholics and extroverts are always independent and this brings a confident feeling that they don't need anybody and they shouldn't waste their "precious time on anybody". 

They are always never around and they hardly pay attention to distractions they only think of their goals and achievement. They are egocentric. Now a loner has withdrawn from the whole world, they have wild imaginations of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue them from their boring "world". 

Before you can be a master of this art, you must choose the right person that won't waste your efforts. Do not lose dollars trying to save a penny.

2. Be patient:- 

You have chosen your partner, you are happy, you can't wait to explore with them, you can't wait to show them all you know. I understand,  but this is where you have to calm down and be patient. They're just getting to know you. 

Remember this is the initial stage you can't allow feelings and emotions get in your way. This is the stage where you study them: know the food they like, know the kinds of music they listen to, how they want to be addressed, the movies and soaps they can't miss. 

If possible, know how their daily routine goes and imitate them in all these aspects. If he/she comes to you and says: "hey I just saw Harry Potter" and you've never seen it go see it. But before you can apply this rule perfectly, you have to be patient because most of their ideas might seem odd and you may want to give up. Don't! Consider this as an adventure, have fun, explore.

 I'm sure they'll think they can get to you and manipulate you to do more, what they don't know is that you're the one calling the shots, putting them where you want, so they feel special and open up to you more. That's the real art of seduction.

3. Read people's minds:- 

Nothing is as difficult as encroaching someone's mind. Reading people's mind is the most difficult course in the psychology of the human mind. 

The simplest way of reading people's mind is by imitating them, liking their likes and detesting their dislikes in that way you can put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they're thinking about at the moment.

 This works tremendously if you want to achieve this art. When you like what they value, they will find their image reflecting in you and you will become an object to desire. 

As difficult as it is to be with a wrong person in a relationship, so it is to be with someone who we do not seduce through knowing their state of mind, concerns of the relationship and philosophy about life.

4. Pleasure and pain strategy:- 

The most severe mistake we make in relationships is by being too nice. The more we please, the less the one we please devalues and degrades us. Instead of overwhelming your friends by being too nice, why don't you make it complicated? 

Try to use pain at some point instead of pleasure always. Note this: anyone that knows how nice you are will always take you for granted; for example, if you're rich and nice, your friends will keep demanding irrespective of where you get the money because they know you will provide it. 

Start giving them difficult measures on how to get it from you. If they can't come up with something tangible, they won't bother you again.

5. The mystery of silence:- 

There is no one given much respect than a man of action. Not everyone should know your motive. 

Proverbs 17vs28 says: "Even a fool when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."

Millions of relationships have had so many issues because of the unnecessary use of words. It's intolerable that the one we love and confide in has become a chatter box over night.

6.Distance strategy:-

 People prefer being in the arms or bosom of their friends than being alone for just an hour because of this invincible thought of loneness that does not allow the soul of man to rest. Relationship is a game of presence and absence. 

Unwillingness to apply this rule makes us compromise our standards in relationships. It is because of this distance strategy that economists make scarcity as a compulsory topic in schools' curriculum. 

We tend to appreciate and value what we rarely see than what we live with all the time. We begin to feel lonely when our friends embark on a journey or abandons us but this feeling of loneliness and missing you signal spices excitement in a relationship.

 Everything the person does in your absence should remind him of your presence, at this point the "if you were around me" phrase will be their thought always.

 This rule will register your image in the mind, eyes of your friends. Remember in the beginning make yourself available, Always speak with him/her on the phone, chat on the computer, share life experiences, have beautiful memories together, give anything meaningful then slowly withdraw gradually without any reason and he/she will be thirsty for you like never before.

 Do NOT do this in the initial stage. The truth of the fact is when we get to that level, we use this strategy to create respect.

7. Maintain mysteries:-

 Keep some aspects of your character unnoticed to your friends. When you maintain the sense of mystery, your friends feel transported away from the world of simplicity to complexity.

Everything about you will seem strange. Familiarity brings about contentment and uninteresting relationship. If the person knows what comes next, the relationship looses it's fantasy and anxiety. 

Without anxiety and a touch of fear and the horror erotic tension, a relationship is meaningless. Flaunt expectations in their mind,  use absence to fragment the clinging. If you refuse to maintain some mysteries in your relationship. 

You and only you will suffer the blame. As soon as you let down your mysteries, it is as if a drug is wearing off from your vain allowing your inquisitive friends to see your real self. 

Never rely on emotional feeling, even beauty looses it's appeal and value with repeated exposure. Only strategy and mystery will give you the required respect you need.

This rules work tremendously if you want to be a master in the art of seduction.


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