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In every relationship after a break up, one moves on while the other, “The one that really feels the impact of the break-up” still lingers on and day dreams about reconciling with their partner despite the distance or length at which the other person has gone to be away from them.

These types of Ex’s refuses to be Ex’d simply because they do not see their “LOVER “far away from them or in someone else’s arms. I for once do not see anything there, what I just believe is that you should have fought the battle when you still had the chance.

Now in the case of getting all “Mushy and loved up” when you know deep down that the person will still leave you is totally wrong, It can be likened to writing a death sentence and signing the papers. Now he or she wants to leave but you can not bring your heart to the idea of them leaving you forever.Of course, I have been in that kind of situation, so I know how it is to pretend like everything is okay and you do not need him or her to survive. The…
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The word "Love" has really been taken for granted, most people do not mean it when they say it, they just recite it like a non-existent pledge. This is very abysmal. To love is to sacrifice, care, respect.

If you claim to be "in love" with a person, you have to be selfless towards them, you have to be ready to make him or her your priority not an option.

You cannot tell me you love me and I should be the only one sending gifts cards, no mutual benefit, all you do is collect and demand.

You cannot tell me you care about me and I am the only one trying to make the relationship work by calling, texting, checking on you.  I am the only one "doing" and you are the only one "receiving" no benefits whatsoever.

You see, I believe most people do not interpret the "act of love" well in their relationship. Because it takes action for you to prove the worth of a person to you. You have to "do" something.

Love is patient, Love is kind bu…


Pressure, can be described in different forms but in this context, it is seen as botheration, fuss, worriment, aggravation, annoyance, pest, perplexity, difficulty, drag, molestation, exasperation.

To be pressurized is to be frustrated, to be aggravated, in a lame man's language it's to be disturbed against your own will.

 The direct opposite of it is to be at peace.

This kind of pressure has led many people to be self destruct and it has made them make wrong and odd choices because they were cajoled or forced to do them.

When "Marriage", comes to mind, patience is the right word for it but the urge to get into it before preparing for it will always have calamity as the end game.

In this article, I'll be describing the different form of pressure that makes people marry wrongly.

4 vices of pressure that makes people marry the wrong person

1. Family pressure:-
This has always been the main reason why people make the wrong choices either about their marital life, ed…


Having so much experiences about men,
starting from my father, shows that not all Men are emotionally mature, calling them a "Man", is just a title.

Because some men do not know how to own up to their responsibilities.

While some are basic misogynists, they are always trying to prove a point about the female gender.

Forgetting that the person that gave birth to them, nursed them and raised them is their mother, a "woman".

You are fully aware of your actions, you walk up to a lady on the pretence that you love her because of your freaky fantasies, have your way with her and get her pregnant.

You now put all the blame on the lady, some will even deny the pregnancy.

While some will accept it but make sure they frustrate the living light out of that woman, turning her into an empty basket with big holes.

My question is why couldn't you use protection, when you had the chance?, why put a woman in the family way, when you are not emotionally mature to handle life?.